Saturday, January 15, 2011

One Month!

One can be a lot of things, the time you have to lose weight before an event, how long before something comes due, or before maybe a little something called THE DAYTONA 500!  Count the day's down one month from today we're going green at daytona baby! I can't wait!

So..NASCAR please hurry your month up and come back.

I think that sums up every NASCAR fan's thoughts at this point..come back nascar

Have a great weekend friends!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is it NASCAR time yet?!?!

Today I was looking at the background picture on my laptop, which is me, emilee, and Ben trout (our Bristol Motor Speedway buddy :) ) and in the background I see Jeff Byrd, and the quote underneath him which states "Exceed Expectations".  I felt inspired by Jeff today, and it made me so excited and ready for NASCAR and Bristol in March that I couldn't stand it (yes EK I started planning our excitement today!)  This NASCAR season will surely exceed our expectations, but moreover, I want to exceed my own this year, and go and do things with NASCAR I only dreamed about.  So with that, and some words of wisdom from Jeff Byrd, go out and "Exceed Expectations" not only for yourself, but this sport we all love NASCAR :)

Have a great day friends!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

we're almost there! and the twitter buzz!

Hi friends! Sorry the blogs are slow coming ek and I are crazy at work, and I sleep all the time it seems haha! But moving on, its almost daytona time almost a month! So excited! We want to know who you think will take the title this year, will it be a upfront driver like harivck or johnson or someone like jamie mac ? You tell us, all I know is this little southern girl is estatic!

Next, last week jeff gluck released some data from nascar saying most fans are between 40-61 roughly with a median age around 51. He said we needed more younger fans and some other stuff, but what I took out of that was that he's wrong. Sorry jeff but I'm pretty sure you're wrong. Last year when ek and I went to bristol we tailgated with a 88 year old man and a 50 old as well as some other middle aged folks. But there were tons of people around our age (21-23) younger and older, and all partying hard and supporting their drivers. It shouldn't matter nascars median fan age, but that we are all fans, and that we are. Nascar fans are hardcore, reguardless of age ;-)

Let us know what you think!

Happy new year, and many blessings!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wrapping up 2010!

Emilee Kate Here!
This is my recap of 2010! Here we GOOOOO! Ok I first have to Thank the Beautiful Lindsay Justice! Thank you for being my Soul Sister and Best Friend.... Girlfriend you mean the world to me! Ok lets start of with March, first Bristol Race ever.... it was AMAZING! I got to see my favorite Driver win his 50th race (yay JJ) also this is where my friendship with LJ really started turning into a sisterhood! also I thought she hated me bc I was so loud and excited lol so moving on to August WOW WOW Bristol again Night Race! let me back it up for just a second WE met Kasey Kahne at food city where Lindsay was on tv and I modeled would just have to have been there lol also we met Scott Perrine! Next would have been the Nationwide Race where I won Tickets so we walked around all day and met Ben Trout, Lanette and Jim Williams (truly amazing people) then we watched qualifying where Mr Jimmie Johnson won the pole YAY then we watch the race where Kyle Busch won! On to the Night race it was amazing JJ wrecked :( but still a Great Race!! Love Bristol Motor-speedway! September comes and I enter to win tickets to Jimmie Jam and WON! Another Fantastic Night, Got to meet up with Lanette and Jim! ;) I was so Close to JJ I almost Cried!  Then Here comes LJ and Mine first Chase Race! We had a Great Time! Went to Tweet up where we met GINA Barlow and Team Hendrick Girls. LJ Got a Mark Martin Hat and I got a signed poster of JJ and Chad (I did Cry)! Then Jeff Gluck handed me my Surprise from Kristine and JJ I got a signed Car from the 5 Time Champ! (yes I cried again) and I almost got to meet Kristine! 2011 We must meet because your awesome! Then November 21st Jimmie Johnson made HISTORY 5x Champion! I know I left out a-lot but it was an unforgettable year Best Year of my 24 years! Thank you to the Beautiful people I have met and one day will meet! I thank God  for the Blessings and Opportunities  I have been given! Here is to 2011! Lets Go Racing Boys!

Come back nascar

with the year wrapping up, I have just one request for the new year, HURRY UP DAYTONA!...I would end my blog here because really thats all that's on my mind, but I figured we needed a year of Nascar from this southern girls view so here we go :-)

This year was beyond amazing, between the friends we made at the race track, those we met through twitter, and everywhere in between it has been the best year of my life.  My goals in life before this year were : go to Bristol, meet kasey kahne, drive around a track.  (I didn't have many expectations apparently!) I have beyond exceeded these thanks to the good folks up at Bristol Motor Speedway, Miss EMILEE KATE BYERLY, and of course food city and Budweiser racing. As if meeting Kasey wasn't enough, in line he said "she may be the biggest fan, and shes definitely the prettiest" which to this point has been the greatest moment of my life (I'm not sure even my wedding day could compare to that lol!)  The Bristol race was all I dreamed and more, we had more than fun tailgating with folks we've never met before and getting to know everyone who works at Bristol.  Also, we got a chance to meet the amazing people of twitter, including lanette and jim williams, miss gina barlow, scott perrine (who put up with me in line to meet kasey bless his Yankee heart ;) ), john nelson, and so many others.  Meeting people who keep up with you, call and txt, and support me like family has been second to meeting kasey this year.  I couldn't imagine all this happening a year ago, but I'm so glad it did.  Thank you all for supporting us in this blog, and we honestly hope to meet all of you in the coming year! Feel free to share your favorite memory this race season with us, because that is what makes nascar so amazing, we are family and even in the off season we're connected :)

God bless you, and happy racing in '11! see yall on the start/finish!



Sunday, December 26, 2010

Who said Girls cant Drive?

EK here... Well I guess they haven't heard of Johanna Long.  Well Johanna Won the 43rd Snowball Derby earlier this December! Long is the 2nd Female to have won this race! Way to Go Girl!!! Long also made her NASCAR debut in 2010 with 7 starts in the Truck Series! She was so excited and did I mention she is only 18 years old! This girl has Big Dreams and they are coming true for her! Long said. "This is what I've dreamed of ever since I became a racer. I guess the saying is true Follow your dreams! I want to Wish her all the Luck and Blessing in the World! Keep Up the Good Work!

Lets Go Racing!

Also Now that the Christmas Season is over you will be hearing from us a lot more! Get Excited....We are!

Girls Gone Nascar....Taking over Nascar

56 Days until DAYTONA